Our Story

Aurélie - Founder and CEO of French Natural Beauty

Born and raised in Paris, Aurélie has always been in love with the pace of the city of Love. When she arrived in Auckland two years ago, she met her kiwi partner and they recently got married. Aurélie and Lee live in New Zealand and they created French Natural Beauty early 2017.
She is passionate about offering beauty advice and delivering the best natural beauty products from her home country to all women in New Zealand. 

My favorite fragrance: French almond

My wellness activity: Running at Cornwall park early in the morning 

My beauty ritual: A few drops of Eau de Cologne on my pillow before sleeping. It helps bring my energy levels down after a big day at work. 

My dream for the world: In addition to making a just profit,  all businesses would keep in mind the promotion of the common good.

My mantra: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. 


Camille - Marketing and communication director

Born and raised in Provence, in love with the South of France vibes and scents, Camille brought to New Zealand a french, free and natural spirit. In charge of marketing, web design and communication, she is passionate about photography, wellness and ayurveda. 
As a strong believer, Camille brings to French Natural Beauty her knowledge for natural products, her passion for her homeland and a bit of magic in each blog article and newsletter. 

My favorite fragrance: Rose essential oil in my bath

My wellness activity: Yoga at sunset

My beauty ritual: Bathing and feeding my skin with natural oil

My dream for the world: A better self-care philosophy for a better planet

My mantra: Do everything you do with love


Hugo - Global Sourcing and logistic director

Born and raised near the Pyrenees, deeply in love with southern mountains of France, Hugo shares the legendary Number 8 wire kiwi spirit and provides to our customers the famous French Touch.
In charge of sourcing, procurement and logistics, he is passionate about sport, nature and travelling. Pragmatic and involved, Hugo brings to French Natural Beauty a quality demand for natural products and a strong belief in efficiency.

My favorite fragrance: Fresh pepper mint

My wellness activity: Rugby with friends

My beauty ritual: Natural beard soap

My dream for the world: The best way to predict the future is to design it

My mantra: To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow